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2X Guiness Book of World Record holder!

Cyndy Douan's relay team dogs all ran 4.2-2.4 seconds, with LASERwrap they all ran 3.8-3.9 seconds!!! Maximize Performance Today!

Decrease Recovery Time
Rehabilitation on the Glow!

LASERwrap® revolutionizes laser therapy by making it wearable, ONE Battery operated Unit plugs into multiple applications. to provide 8 hours of treatment anywhere anytime, travel home or work

Extend Life
Extend Life with the Spectra Therapy LASERwrap® Advantage

Spectra Therapy is committed to changing lives by providing easy and convenient advanced laser technology anywhere and anytime at an affordable price.

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Help Your Dog Perform Better

LASERwrap® reduces pain and promotes healing by improving circulation.

The LASERwrap® works effectively on a number of conditions that can cause pain and require healing. We have developed a variety of LASERwrap® products to fit any area of the Canine body.

All LASERwraps are powered by the same impulse unit, which has two simple settings. For some conditions, just a few hours of treatment will address your problem. For others, overnight treatment is required for a good night’s sleep to help jump-start your recovery.

The LASERwrap® can also be used repetitively to enhance healing and pain relief as needed.

Recover faster with less pain

Improve circulation

Take the pain out of joints and charge muscles with oxygen

Improve the quality of life by increasing agility and range of motion

Safe and effective with no known side effects

Advanced laser technology anywhere and anytime at an affordable price

Featured News & Media

Dave Barnetts Dog K at Masters

Dave Barnett Masters Video (Dog) – “K”

Spectra Therapy is going to soon release more details about the LASERwrap® product. Bio K is from outstanding Welsh herding dogs, including Angie Driscoll’s Penny, Kevin Evan’s Jimmy and Robert ...

In the World of Dog Competition, Inde Excels!

In the world of dog competition, Inde is another amazing canine athlete! She is a 6-year-old Belgian Malinois, owned and loved by her handler, Michon Mills. Michon owns and loves ...

Our canine coats and wraps are Patented and FDA Approved. Your dog will enjoy and love you for it!

Spectra Therapy has revolutionized the proven technology of low-level laser therapy (LLLT) by making it wearable and automated throughout the day and night. Our wearable 24-7 laser wrap delivers the healing power of laser energy while on the go, traveling to and from an event, at work, or at home. It is designed to treat the entire area of concern, including the extremities, head, neck, back, and chest.

LASERwrap® gets fast effective results by relieving pain, improving circulation, promoting the healing of damaged tissues, and helping the body’s lymphatic system cleanse and flush toxins. The impulse laser unit provides up to 17 repeated treatments every half hour, night and day, to improve circulation dramatically. In comparison, most laser clinics provide a single treatment, usually in a series of spots, ¼” to 2” in diameter. The blood at those spots will begin to flow and provide some pain relief, but within a few hours, it will clog, the pain will return, and healing waits for your next treatment. With LASERwrap®, most acute or chronic conditions require 48 to 72 hours of treatment to correct or begin to correct the problem.

Our device is manufactured in the USA (Michigan), and is FDA-cleared for personal use, whether at home, work, on the go, at an event, or for chronic or emergency use when acute injuries occur.

In the convenience of your own home, at work, in the car or most anywhere, Wearable LASERwrap® provides you with advanced laser technology at a fraction of the cost of office-based laser therapy. 

Requires no time spent traveling or in an office visit and can provide immediate treatments that are automatic and repetitive.

We Care About Your Pets Heath

Spectra Therapy has revolutionized the proven technology of Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) by making it WEARABLE and providing AUTOMATED UNATTENDED TREATMENTS throughout the day and night. LASERwrap® gets fast effective results by relieving pain, improving circulation, promoting the healing of damaged tissues, and helping the body's lymphatic system to cleanse and flush toxins.

Success Stories

Ellie Mae Featured Video

AKC – LASERwrap® reduces 4-6 weeks off IVDD

Ellie Mae’s Amazing Back Recovery avoids a $6000 operation + shortened recovery [Inter-Vertebral Disc Disease -IVDD]. Full story… Bailey Dotten shows how her 2-year-old dachshund recovered from a severe back...

Wearable LASERWrap - Bye-Bye to Heart Murmurs

AKC – Bye-Bye Heart Murmurs

Dot has had a Fantastic Journey since wearing the Spectra therapy laser coat. Winning 1st place with fastest time – IN AKC National 2022  finals – 29.37 seconds. Full story… In...

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