Morgan & Boh

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How old is Boh?

Boh is an 8 years old Australian Shepherd

When did you first start using the spectra coat on Boh?

I started using the spectra coat on Boh the beginning of December 2023

What improvements have you noticed since starting use of the spectra coat?

The spectra coat has helped Boh be in the best shape he has ever been in. I’ve noticed a significant increase in his performance in the agility ring. He’s had more energy in and out of the ring, as well as an increase in relaxed muscles. We have a warm up and cool down routine before we enter the agility ring, and since using the Spectra coat, I have noticed a huge increase in his mobility. I am able to navigate his body through our stretches with ease and he is now has greater range of motion. I am very big on the physical well being of my dogs, so once I saw the switch between how tight his muscles were and the heated spots on certain muscles compared to how relaxed and normal his body has felt is incredible. He wears his coat before we arrive at a show, in between every run, and after on the green setting. I’ve started to put his coat on during off days as well and he couldn’t be happier. The Spectra coat makes Boh happier so of course I am going to let him wear it as much as I can, and the benefits show for themselves. He recently finished his AGCH, and I genuinely believe the coat expedited his progress.

Would you recommend spectra coat to a friend?

100% recommend to all of my friends. Ever since we started using his coat, everyone around us has noticed a huge difference in his performance and they about his coat. It is my favorite and the best investment I’ve made for Boh.

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Morgan & Boh

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