AKC – Carrie Thorne

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LASERwrapTM helped Drake heal quickly after being hit by a car. Surgery was too risky.  After 7 days he was able to stand and bear weight.  Vet expected approximately 3 weeks. Drake recovered and runs around the farm happy and healthy.  (Diagnosis:  The left ilium is cranially displaced in comparison to the sacrum.  A transverse fracture with mild comminution is present within the abaxial aspect of the right pubis as well as one at the caudal aspect of the right body of the pubis and ischium with mild cranial displacement present.  Interpretation:  Multiple pelvic fractures (right pubis, right ischium) with left sacroiliac subluxation.)

Carrie Thorne, Equine Sports Massage Therapist, Surgical Rehabilitation Specialist with CANTER Michigan, Hamilton Ridge Farm, Leslie MI

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