Laura Bulak, Rochester HIlls, MI

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Thanks so much for letting me use the Spectra Therapy Laser.  I believe it has helped my dog Pepe’ Le Pew quite a bit, and so does my veterinarian!  It seems to loosen the tissues so he can move easier.  I was able to keep it in place with the black Velcro wrap and he got used to it right away.  He would give a relaxed look when the laser was working, (he has an expressive face).  He has continued to improve from his prior rear spinal paralysis caused by degenerative disk disease which started four months ago, (2-16-2014).  The Spectra Laser is great for home use as I had taken him to the vet for laser treatments in the beginning and the process to crate him and transport him in a large carrier when he was unable to walk was very stressful and exhausting for both Pepe’ and I. 

So thank you again and I will be sure to share this product with friends and professionals in the medical field immediately.


Laura Bulak, Rochester Hills, MI

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