Dr. Chris Chappel

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“I had great response from patients using our new wearable LASERwrap which dramatically improves circulation helping patients heal decubitus wounds that were present for over 6 months healed in 3 weeks. Not only healing bed sores, but provides pain relief for diabetic neuropathy, and increase patients SPO2, who is struggling with COPD or asthma. The reason why the product works so well is that it improved blood circulation and, also improves lymphatic flow. Talk about time and cost savings, talk about patients satisfaction with results all wrapped up, with Spectra Therapy’s WEARABLE LASERwrap®.

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We feel fortunate to have received reflections from our clients, including patients, physicians, and coaches about how Spectra Therapy’s LASERwrap® has helped them.

Jackie Bludworths Dog

Jackie Bludworths Dog

I started using the dog coat about a month ago. For both my young active athletes, as well as my retired dog. For my young ones, I notice quick recovery...

Evelyn Montoya and Dog

Evelyn Montoya

Neck Pain, Evelyn Montoya San Antonio, Tx. I have had neck pain for the last few years trying medication, therapy, and injections with marginal success. I run dog agility with...

Levy and Tinna


I have 4 Border Collies and 1 Shetland Sheepdog. I use the LASER wrap® coat on all 5 of my dogs and the change in them is amazing. Selene, my...