AKC – LASERwrap® reduces 4-6 weeks off IVDD Rehab + Save $$$$

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Ellie Mae’s Amazing Back Recovery avoids a $6000 operation + shortened recovery [Inter-Vertebral Disc Disease -IVDD].

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Bailey Dotten shows how her 2-year-old dachshund recovered from a severe back injury after two weeks, using only a Wearable LASERwrap(R) Therapy coat from Spectra Therapy – It provided 2 treatments per hour, which we used day and night. See the results which speak for themselves. Ellie Mae is doing AMAZING!!! Only some people know, so here’s the quick story. Ellie was playing with our other dachshund Tuesday 7/10/18 night and she yelped and was holding her tail between her legs. Wednesday she was having a hard time walking so we took her straight to the vet. The vet sent us to AVS to see the neurologist. The neurologist told us the only way to get her to walk again is surgery which would cost beginning of $6,000, we couldn’t afford it so asked for a plan B. They told us most don’t come out of it without surgery as it’s very common for this breed. I had hopes but I was preparing myself for a paralyzed dog. But then things started to change. Day 2 she was completely paralyzed from the middle of her body back. No feeling or movement of her legs tail nothing, she was dragging herself. Day 6 she is wagging her tail, walking, still having some troubles with the back left leg, still flops over in the butt, though front leg much better & she is much happier!!! She had LIVED in her Spectra Therapy Laser Blanket for 4 days,, after having it on for about 24 hours, we started seeing improvements. The neurologist told us if she walks again she wouldn’t start showing signs for at least 4 weeks then slowly build it up.
We were very careful with her. She was in her kennel about 23 and a half hours a day the 7-12 days. and taken outside twice a day to potty and float in water. It seemed like it was a long road but I’m so thankful it came faster than we thought! Thank you Darci Lyon for getting me hooked on these laser for the horses, myself and now my dog!#SpectraTherapy [4] #SpectraLaserWrap [5]

Hoppy Snead

Hoppy from Littleton , Colorado’s recovery claimed to be  a Miracle dog,  Vet after giving Hoppy a Cortisone  Shot  claimed their was not too much they do for Hoppy. The owner bought LASERwrap dog coat off the internet  and the Mircle happened .  Click on the image to watch the Video…

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Debbie of Casco, MI with her 4 year old dachshund, Dapple, developed a severe Doxie-back problem .   48 hours later, he stood on all 4.  “The LASERwrap® was a life, a saver, a real miracle “ Debbie proclaimed ”He’s now is wearing the coat for rehab at home for the next 2 weeks for his Neuro Recovery.   His father had a similar problem and died at age 4 years and 2 months.


Debbie took Dapple to the vet on Friday afternoon since he had not moved from the night before.  At 5 pm the Vet gave him a muscle relaxant and pain shot along with a laser treatment.  It was suggested to use the LASERwrap® dog coat.  Dapple wore the coat starting Friday @ 7 pm and by Sunday at 9 am, he took his first recovery step 48 hours later. ”It’s a miracle not only because it worked, but I never could have afforded back surgery operation, paying for a week of 24/7 clinical boarding recovery, or to even think of keeping him caged up for 6 weeks after a clinical stay.  Thanks, Spectra Therapy for inventing LASERwrap® and saving Dapple.

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