AKC – Inflamation of Back, Hip & Calcaneus Tendon solved with LASERwrap® 360°

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While competing in agility, Victory started having a knock bar issue when turning to the left. This was evident with the videos.  I tried retraining to see if it was a training issue, but without success. He started having back pain which was noticed as a constant So after radiographs of the back and the two hind legs, it was discovered that he had soft tissue swelling from a calcaneus tendon injury and his back pain was from the compensation.

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Recovery for Victory in 6 weeks – Victory was prescribed to start laser therapy to help heal the tendon, along with chiropractic and acupuncture to break up scar tissue and to do stretches to retrain the leg to lift.  We used both LASERwrap® Dog coat system and PSOAS, TPLO, CCL ACL, Meniscus Sleeve for rehab. After 6 weeks, trails are back with beautiful, graceful jumping and turning maneuvers reports Joan Meyer President of Triune Canine Center .

Leg LASERwrap fits both front and back proving Hands Free Automatic LASER therapy day and night…

Victory Treated Hands Free

Dog’s at Triune Canine jump for job winning at their game of life Living it to the fullest…

Dog’s at Triune Canine jump

Joan Meyer owner  or Triune Canine Training and event Center has maximizes the benefits LASErwrap offers her client

Proved below are true “WINNERS”   in many regards…

AKC National Agility Championship

Dressed to WIN!

Victory - Dressed to Win!

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