USDF Gold Medalist Ruth Hill-Schorsch Uses Spectra Therapy LASERwraps® for Success!

Spectra Therapy is proud to have USDF Gold Medalist Ruth Hill-Schorsch as a member of their family of supporters for over five years.  Ruth is among a growing list of professional riders and trainers of all disciplines who rely on wearable, cordless LASERwrap® products to help keep their horses and themselves in peak condition.

Ruth states, “LASERwraps® are so easy to use! Our horses wear them in their stalls, and we trailer in the standing wraps and use them at shows to keep legs clean and tight.  The neck and poll wraps keep muscle tension to a minimum. Horses recovering from injury and beginning under saddle rehabilitation work wear Spectra products on a daily basis to help successfully bring them back to and maintain peak performance.   They produce great results!  My Grand Prix horse, Allegro, is 18 this year and his Spectra products help keep him feeling his best. Even our Massage Therapist and Chiropractor see the difference.”

The wearable, cordless, programmable design of LASERwrap® products puts them head and shoulders above the rest, allowing for convenient, unattended therapy with consistent, visible results.


Ruth Hill-Schorsch owns Stapleton Farm in Leslie, Michigan. Ruth is a FEI competitor & trainer and the Dressage Coach at Michigan State University.  She has shown and trained through the FEI levels to Grand Prix earning her USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medals and Silver Freestyle Bar. All USDF medals were won on Allegro, a self-made horse she bought as a 3yr old. To learn more about Ruth, her career and Stapleton Farm, visit: OR

Watch for Ruth Hill-Schorsch in the coming months as she travels to Region 2 USDF shows and other top-level competitions.


With over 27 years of experience, Spectra Therapy has revolutionized the proven technology of low-level laser therapy (LLLT) by making it wearable, automated and affordable. Their hands-free LASERwrap® products for horses, dogs & cats and humans produce fast, effective results by relieving pain, improving circulation, promoting the healing of damaged tissues, and helping the body’s lymphatic system cleanse and flush toxins.

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