Sara Carson’s – REHABILITATION on the Go – Wearable LASERwrap®

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Every day is a show day in Sara‘s life. Preparing for an event, performing or recovering from the event. Sometimes we get acute injuries, or aches, pains, muscle spasms or stiffness sets in from chronic conditions like arthritis, Sara uses Spectra Therapy’s LASERwraps on both her dogs and herself. It provides laser therapy treatments automatically day and night and surrounds the AREA of concern. 

Being wearable, these repeat 2.5 – 3 joule treatments provide a simple solution to many complex problems which improved circulation can correct. Unlike single treatments that one gets after driving to a clinic, with LASERwrap® just strap in on and go. It is FDA cleared, safe, effective, easy to use plus machine washable. 


Growing up in Ontario, Canada, Sara successfully ran her own dog training facility for over five years. During that time period, she taught dog trick, obedience, puppy foundation, and agility classes.

Sara is revered as one of the top international trick dog trainers and has received several awards showcasing her achievements in the past years. Her dogs have earned a multitude of agility titles and are savvy in dock diving, frisbee, and canine freestyle.

Sara and her Super Collies have made appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman and continue to captivated audiences all over the world. She has aptly earned her title as Celebrity Dog Trainer after placing 5th on season 12 of America’s Got Talent. She also was awarded Dog Trainer of The Year in 2017 from Greater Mats.

Currently, she is living in Los Angeles, California and spending her days performing along with teaching dog trick workshops around the globe.

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