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IVDD, corrected-LASERwrap® in a few months thus saving thousands of dollars.

Disc Disease (IVDD), Sent in by: Cheyenne Woods
“I give Spectra Therapy 5 STARS and here’s why. Awhile back my miniature dachshund was diagnosed with disc disease in her spine (also known as IVDD) and this led to full paralysis of her hind legs. After meeting with her doctor to discuss treatment options and being referred to a specialist I thought my only option was going to be a very risky and invasive surgery to remove the disc in her spine that was causing the paralysis. This operation was going to cost around $8,000. Considering the astronomical price of having this risky procedure I wanted to look for other alternatives before making a decision and so I went on to do my own research and I came across Spectra Therapy. I cannot tell you how happy I was to find this company that offers non-surgical alternatives that led to miraculous results. I say miraculous because after a short time of consistent use, she started to move her back legs, then wag her tail once again! And within a few months she was walking on her own and eventually regained full movement in her hind legs and is now back to running, playing and living her best life! I recommend this company to everyone I come across who is experiencing paralysis with their pets! It really works and saved me thousands of dollars on a risky, no-guarantee surgery that we may have had to do again in the future if another disc in her spine slipped later on down the road. I’m a firm believer in non-surgical alternatives whenever possible. Thank you Spectra Therapy! You gave my baby her life back and I’m eternally grateful. You gained a forever customer”. 

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