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Injured psoas, corrected-LASERwrap® in three weeks.

Injured psoas, Sent in by: Connie Griffith
“Some of you have asked about the LASERwrap® that Streak was wearing. It is a big part of his recovery and allowing him to jump well. Streak hyper extended his right leg, injuring his psoas, four weeks before Nationals. I started the LASERwrap® one week later.

In the first week he had a chiropractor adjustment, a treatment by a Dr. of PT and the LASERwrap®. He used the laser and wrap daily for the next three weeks and through the AKC Nationals. I credit the Spectra LASERwrap® for his quick recovery.

I have used the wrap on myself as well. I slept in it over night for my back. Also, I have used it for my knee and my chest when my cold settled into a bad cough The results are very noticeable. Thank you Spectra for helping Streak and I run well”.   READ THE AKC ARTICLE BY MELANIE HOLD

Injured psoas, corrected-LASERwrap® in three weeks.
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