Rehabilitation on the Go! A Dog Owner’s Best Friend – LASERwrap®


Trick training and performances are the best way to bond with your dog! Provide your dog with the POWER to PERFORM.

Be prepared when injuries happen and have a Simple Solution for Complex Problems.

Laser therapy is a popular arthritis relief used in clinics and hospitals as a spot pain treatment. The Wearable LASERwrap® not only saves the trip time, but provides 2 to 3 treatments per hour automatically, day and night, that are needed to treat the problems of acute injuries and chronic conditions.

Pre-event use of the LASERwrap® provides the Dog & Trainer with the power needed to perform. Post- event use of the LASERwrap® flushes lactic acid and replenishes muscles with oxygen and protein.The sooner you treat the problem, the less recovery time is needed. Spectra Therapy Wearable LASERwrap® is easy to use and safe. Repeat treatments day and night around the total area treat the PROBLEM and the PAIN more effectively than single-spot treatments, and minimizes the need for consumables and their costs.

Give your best friend the arthritis relief he/she deserves for a one-time price you can live with. LASERwrap® is proven by behaviorists and trainers to reduce anxiety, improve temperament and helps keep your dog drug free!

WEARABLE LASERwrap® is FDA cleared and patented, provides automatic Day & Night Care.
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