LASERwrap® Equine Professional Laser System

The Equine Professional System has all of our Most Popular Equine Products for one GREAT PRICE!


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The Equine Professional System has all of our Most Popular Equine Products for one GREAT PRICE!

  • 9 – A-100 Impulse Laser Units (incl chargers and charging cords)
  • 2 – Battery Rechargeable Battery Packs
  • 1 – Equine ST Sheet
  • 4 – Quick LASERwrap® Tendon Boots
  • 1 – Pair 34″ x 28″ Body Pads
    • 1 – 32″ Connector with Halter Strap
    • 4 – 40″ Velcro/Elastic/Web Straps
    • 3 – 11″ Elastic/Velcro Straps
  • 2 – LASERwrap® Hock/Knee Wraps
  • 1 – LASERwrap® Poll Strap
  • 2 – Duffel Bags

The Equine ST Sheet is constructed of nylon mesh fabric with oxford pockets to hold and protect the lasers.  The sheet holds up to 7 lasers delivering therapy down the spine, around the neck, front and rear and the abdomen simultaneously.  It includes a removable belly pad that fits securely into the belly band.  Depending on the area being treated, use 1 to 7 lasers in the sheet.  The two rechargeable battery packs provide for continuous use of the blanket as lasers stay in the blanket and use the battery pack for power.  Simply exchange out the battery pack for recharging.  The lasers can be removed from the blanket for use with the other products.

The Quick LASERwraps are made of soft fleece with a foam center and attach with a hook and loop panel. The Quick LASERwraps are designed to hold the laser unit securely and go on fast with a snug adjustable fit.

The Body Pads are made of air mesh and polyester loop and attach with the included straps and connector pad. They are designed to hold the laser units securely and go all over the horses body. Treat hips, back, shoulders, and neck to be supple and relaxed. Improves performance and faster recovery from exercise and injuries.

The Hock/Knee wrap is constructed of neoprene with a removable laser pad made of durable air mesh and polyester loop fabric.  The laser pad can be use independently of the outer cover on the knee, fetlock, inside a bell boot, etc..

The laser units are pre-programmed with two of the most common effective programs. Simply attach the lasers to the wrap(s) and included battery pack, apply to your horse, and go about your normal routine. Your horse will receive treatments automatically anytime day or night.  To recharge, just remove one convenient battery pack and recharge.

The Equine Professional System One System with Many Solutions.


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